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New Product Development

ODM Innovations helps to eliminate innovator's "blind spots".

Does your idea have commercial value?

A good innovation is one that inject new life into an existing product or create a new product altogether. An excellent innovation is the above WITH great commercial value.

It is great that an innovator is confident of his/her innovation and wishes to develop the product. However, it could be a financial disaster should he/she commence on product development without having the commercial potential of his/her innovation assessed.

At ODM Innovations, our experienced team is happy to provide a no-obligation evaluation on client's innovation - whether to pursue diligently, improve on the idea or simply drop it.

Does your idea need fine tuning before filing for patent?

Roman isn't built in a day. On top of aesthetic appeal, quality industrial design should also be functional and technically sound. Such design requires a lot of thinking through. Rarely is it possible to create quality industrial design if the innovator is working alone and doesn't seek feedback from others.

As the saying goes, "two heads are better than one". Brainstorming is a well-proven tool that can provide a more rounded view on issue and creative solutions to problem.

At ODM Innovations, we are dedicated to providing clients cost effective high quality industrial design, which has efficient product manufacturability. Apart from our in-house industrial designer, we have established strong liaison with design houses and free-lancers alike to provide original suggestions and creative solutions to clients.